Why Is Pizza Greasy

Why Is Pizza Greasy?

Whether it is for evening snacks, dinner, lunch, or breakfast, pizza is something that most people can have at any time of the day. According to one statistic, 98 percent of Americans people like having it. And among them, 54 of them love it.

That being said, if you want to go on the healthy route, one of your main concerns might be greasiness. In fact, one common question that you might have regarding this is, “why is pizza greasy?”.

Well, even if you were struggling to find a greaseless pizza, you have managed to find the right source to find the answer to your question. We are not only going to answer you that but also will give you all the required information regarding the topic.

Are All of the Fats Bad?

Before we do answer you what you are here for, let us give you a brief idea about the importance of fat in your health and the items you make in your home. That being said, we would like to assure you that not all of the fats are bad. Aside from just being high in calorie count, they have plenty of bright sides. They are:

i. Brings Out Healthy Elements

Wondering why most of the hair experts suggest eating more healthy fat? Well, the fats that are actually beneficial to the health will give your hair a shine that most of the other hair products will fail at delivering.

Not only the hair, healthy fats have an important role in making your nails stronger. Yes! You can make your nails longer and stronger without having to opt for the detachable ones if you eat a fair amount of healthy fat.

Alongside that, it has a significant role to play in keeping your skin glowing. Your skin will not dry out like a dessert in the winter if you eat the right amount of healthy fat. In fact, most people see fat-loaded pizzas as one of the most nutritious food in the winter.

Brings Out Healthy Elements

ii. Keeps You Full

As we mentioned earlier, pizza is one of the breakfast options for most people. Wondering why?

Well, it is the easiest way to keep your full for a long amount of time. That is why when people are in a hurry in the morning, they will just gobble up the leftover slices by heating them up in the kitchenaid oven.

Not only this one but the other foods that are rich in fat are also capable of keeping you full for a long amount of time, including ice cream, French fries, and nuts. In fact, most of the dietary plans include nuts as the main ingredient for making smoothies and other healthy foods.

Even though pizza is not treated as one of the healthy foods, it is certainly possible to bring a slice or two to your diet without worrying too much about adding too many calories.

Keeps You Full

iii. Flavor City

One of the primary reasons to add a good amount of oil and food grade grease into the pizza is the flavor they can bring. In fact, if you happen to make a pizza without the greasing elements, you will be left with a dry piece of bread with some of the toppings on top of it, which is not going to be that appetizing, would it?

And the same thing goes for the other foods that are rich in fat as well. You will notice that the fries that are fried with less amount of oil tend to be less yummy. Well, it is because of the amount of oil.

On that note, the oil on the pizza does not only bring out any unique flavor but also makes sure that the other ingredients are bringing out their best flavor as well. That means it will ensure that the pizza dough, the toppings, and the sauces are properly working together to give you a finger-licking pizza-eating experience.

What Actually Makes the Pizza Greasy?

You are probably aware by now that the greasiness for most of the pizzas is not dripped by someone after taking it out of the oven. In fact, most Italian cuisines will drizzle a good amount of olive oil on the top before cooking. And it is done for not cooking it properly on the top only but to add a bit of an extra flavor to it.

Aside from the oil that is dripped on the top, the grease that will settle on the top is because of the ingredients getting cooked under high heat. They will expel the extra fat for coming in contact with heat. And the ingredients that we are mostly referring to here are meat, cheese, sausages, and pepperonis.

On that note, the amount of grease on top of the vegetarian versions will be fairly low because of not having any meat ingredients on them. However, there will be some grease on the crust, which is there for the sauce and the cheese.

What Actually Makes the Pizza Greasy

Is It Possible to De-Grease a Pizza?

Yes, it is certainly possible to get the extra layer of grease out of the pizza before you put the slices in your mouth. The process is called blotting. And for this, all you are going to need is napkins.

Use them to soak all of the extra layers of oil you can find on top of the pizza. Make sure that you discard them after getting them soaked with grease, or else you will find yourself wiping your face with them. As a result, the grease will not be in your tummy but on your face, which you would not want, would you?

Is It Possible to De-Grease a Pizza

Is Blotting a Pizza Worth It?

Even though the grease on the pizza is the main reason why you are getting such an amazing pizza-eating experience, it can add up to 2 pounds of weight to your waistline. So if you are a bit health-conscious, and have pizza as a cheat meal, then blotting the pizza would definitely be worth it for you.

Is Blotting a Pizza Worth It

Final Words

We hope that we were able to answer why is pizza greasy. And with all of the things aside, even though the grease on the top might be good for you in a couple of ways, you need to understand that too much of anything is never a good thing.

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