How to Make Pizza Bagels in Toaster Oven?

If you did not have pizza bagels before, you are missing the taste of the ultimate appetizer that is available. It is also one of the greatest snack and dinner items that are enjoyed by many.

And the best part is that it does not even take that long to make them. It would only take 15 to 20 minutes, which is less than preparing a dinner meal. That being said, you might be wondering — how to make pizza bagels in the toaster oven?

Well, you will not have to wonder anymore because we are here to provide you one of the easiest recipes. And this recipe will not only take you less amount of time but also a few numbers of ingredients.

Steps to Follow to Make Pizza Bagels

Making pizza bagels is as easy as it sounds. That being said, the steps that you need to follow to make finger-licking pizza bagels right at home are as follows:

Step 1: Gather All of the Necessary Ingredients

It goes without saying that the first ingredient that you need to get to make these is bagels. Get the ones that are not sweetened and make sure that it is not expired. You can use the ones that are close to the expiration date, but we would recommend picking up the fresh ones to get the authentic taste.

There are a lot of variations when it comes to cheese. However, among them, the one that we would recommend you pick will be the mozzarella. Get the shredded ones. You can also shred them in your home if you can not pick up the pre-shredded version in the market.

Aside from those, another primary ingredient that you are going to need to make this is tomato sauce. Ketchup is going to do great as well. However, do not get the ones that have an excessive amount of sugar in them. Those are going to ruin the overall taste of the snack

Lastly, there are some optional items that you can pick if you want to drizzle dazzle the pizza bagel. Among all of the toppings, the ones that we lean forward to are the pepperoni. However, this is an optional item, which makes the bagels yummier. Also, you can add your preferred spices, which are optional as well.


Step 2: Prepare the Bagels

After you have got your hands on the necessary ingredients, you need to start preparing the bagels. Cut them in halves using a sharp knife. Make sure that your cuts are dead-center, or else there would be too much or too little dough on the underside, which will not be that ideal.

Once you have got your bagel halves, you need to toast them lightly in the toaster oven. It is going to make sure that your pizza bagel is not soggy when you finally take it out of the toaster in the final step.

Prepare the Bagels

Step 3: Start Adding the Ingredients

Once you have cut the bagels and toasted them a bit, you need to take them out of the toaster and start adding the ingredients on the top. Start with the sauce. Ensure that you do put a generous amount of sauce on the surface because this is the key ingredient that will turn your bagel into something that can be called a pizza.

However, if you do not like that much sauce on the top, you can apply your preferred amount of sauce. We would also suggest spreading them using a spoon because that is the utensil that will allow you to spread the sauce on the top evenly.

After spreading the sauce on the top, you need to start working with the cheese. If you do not have shredded mozzarella with you, you need to first shred them using a grater. Put the shredded cheese on the top. You also need to put a proper amount of cheese on the top because this is another primary ingredient of the recipe.

Now that you are done with the cheese and the sauce, you can add the optional items on the top. If you are opting for the pepperoni, you need to slice them up into small pieces as bagels do not really have that much amount of surface area to hold the large pieces of pepperoni.

Then, you can add the optional spices. You can sprinkle some garlic powder, oregano, red pepper, and chili flakes on the top. Those will add some extra flavors, which your tongue is going to surely love.

Start Adding the Ingredients

Step 4: Start Baking

As you have fully prepared the bagel at this point, you should start working with the baking process. For this, you would need a baking pan. Lay a flat sheet of foil paper on the pan and drizzle some olive oil on the surface. The olive oil is optional, but it is going to put an extra depth on the underside.

After that, you must lay the bagels on the top. Do not cram the pan with bagels because it might lead to overcooking or undercooking the pizza. Depending on the size of your pan and the size of your toaster, start by putting two or three of them on the pan.

Then, you need to set the toaster at 400 degrees Fahrenheit and put the pan inside. Ensure that you do not make a mess when you are putting the pan inside, or else you have to bring it out and put the ingredients back on the top, which is going to take more time.

Start Baking to Make

Step 5: Wait and Let the Pizza Cook

After you have put the pan inside, all you have to do is wait and let the bagels cook. However, you need to keep an eye on them. Let the toaster do its thing up until to the point you see the cheese start to bubble. Then, you will only have to wait for a couple of minutes.

Take the pan out when you see the surface is starting to turn brown. However, do not keep them inside for a long period because that would just burn the cheese and the bagel, and nobody wants to eat a burnt pizza.

Wait and Let the Pizza Cook

Step 6: Get Yourself Some Preferred Sauce and Enjoy

Once you have taken the bagels out of the toaster, all that is left for you to do is devour them with your preferred dipping sauce. However, you can eat them on their own as they already have a layer of sauce on the top. But having more amount of sauce is never a bad thing.

Get Yourself Some Preferred Sauce and Enjoy-min

Can I Use a Regular Slice of Bread to Make Pizza Like Bagel Pizza?

Yes, it is possible to make pizza using a regular slice of bread. The steps are the same, and the ingredients are the same. However, you would want to get the slices that are a bit thick. Also, the amount of sauce and other ingredients you have to put on the top will be less.

Alongside that, you might also want to skip toasting them before putting all of the ingredients on the top. That might just increase the chances of them getting burnt from the underside when you have them inside the kitchenaid oven after putting the ingredients on the top.

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Final Words

We hope that we could make the process of how to make pizza bagels in toaster oven a bit more manageable for you. Hopefully, the pizza bagels you do prepare inside the toaster ovens turn out yummy and are full of pizza flavors.

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